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Christmas gifts for single mother families Angel Assistance Program

Starshine started this conversation

Check the link for information !!!!


******BUT  still looking for people to adopt a families !!!!!!!! ******

See the link and find out more..... read the requirements!!

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littlelacie   in reply to hazel83
Hi, you posted to a lady that has not been on here for 3 years..Woman in a shoe posted the list of Christmas help about 6 hours ago, so look back through todays postings to see the list.
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I am a single mother of two kids my daughter 11 years old and my son 9 years old.I'm from Saginaw Michigan but I been living im Indianapolis, Indiana for almost 2 years its been a hard time.I need help for christmas never ask for any thing going through a divorce please I need help anyone out there my
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littlelacie   in reply to beejo 50
Come back to this site later today. Woman in a shoe will be posting the list of organizations that are helping with Christmas this year.
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beejo 50
I am looking to get help for my neice she has three chrldren tha had to move three timen in two monuths so she will need help and they might be moving again . She is looking for another job .please help
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missjanie   in reply to missjanie
Oooohhhh I see now its 15, guess she missed the 5 first time lol,I was Trippin
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missjanie   in reply to gaelicgal/
Did I read that right, your 1 year old asked for a $99.00 jacket?
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Hi, I'm not expecting anything much from this, but thought I would try. I am a single Mom, always worked and never had any assistance. This year after being unemployed I have no money for Christmas. My daughter asked for 2 books which I bought, and a jacket , though she has no idea the jacket she asked for was expensive, I would love for it to be under the tree. She said that she wanted a 'North Face" fuzzy black zip up jacket. She has never asked for anything of a brand name. I so hope someone will help me, and I will pay it forward next year. I am just back to work this last week after a year of living off my savings. I now, have no savings and just no money for the first time ever. I have always been the one to give, but now I need help. Even if you could donate a few bucks and I can pool relatives. It costs 99.00 which is more than I have in checking and savings. I hope someone can help, she is such a special 15 yr old and never asks for anything...Please, I would love someone to help me, thanks for reading,
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Sadmomma   in reply to Berthealy2006
Thank you Berthealy2006
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Berthealy2006   in reply to Sadmomma
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I recently became a single mom after leaving my sons father when he became violently abusive. He always worked and covered the bills. But when he went to jail, I was left with nothing! I have since found a job and am working all I can, but at this point I'm still giving 95% of my weekly paychecks to my landlord as she let me move in on a payment plan. Well my expected child support isn't coming as planned and I'm just not able to catch up with bills. I am ok with struggle, maybe it will make me stronger and show my kids that I never gave up. But what hurts the most is that my son will turn 11 a week before Christmas and not only will I not be able to provide a birthday present for him, he and his little brother and sisters will have nothing for Christmas! I just feel like I'm drowning! if there is any way that anyone would be willing or able to help me, my and my babies will be eternally grateful!
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Single Mom looking for help. Please!!!
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I am single mom of one. I choose to leave my abuse of baby dad.I had to leave my job and move into a different city. I left everything house clothes car. So I am starting all over,but as of now I have nothing for my 6 year old son. If someone could find it in there heart to help me. I would appreciate it so much
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sweetnblue2002   in reply to olivia44
Thank you :)
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olivia44   in reply to tinamytoy
Call 2-1-1. My mom is a single mother of 8 and they were very resourceful. (:
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famof6   in reply to JennyI
Call 211 or go to They have resources to help get you assistance for Christmas
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famof6   in reply to tinamytoy
I am in the same situation. I know you can go to or call 211 to see what kind of assistance is available. You might be able to sign up for Salvation Army or Toys for Tots. Good Luck to you
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Hello my name is Tina & i need help get my kids xmas presents the 4 Boys age 15,6,17,8 & 1 Girl age 14 i don't have any money to get my kids anything for Christmas so will somebody help me please & thank you
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JennyI   in reply to Kittykare
I have tried the spoa but they aren't assisting for Christmas, or at least not where I could find it
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I am a single mom with a 9 year old little boy. I too just lost my job and have no way to provide Christmas for him, as I am already trying to figure out how Im going to pay my rent and light bill. If anyone could tell me how I could get assistance with making sure he has a Christmas please let me know.
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Kittykare   in reply to Edys kids
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